About Me

Hi, all:

Welcome to my blog.

About my job:

I had worked as an Op engineer of Baidu(http://www.baidu.com)  for three years. I was the admin of n.shifen dns who contribute himself  to conduct request flows(traffic) to baidu services. And then, I became a team member in GTC-TEAM in Baidu which tackling the problem of building up a smart Global Traffic Controller for Baidu.

Then I became a Computer Science and Engineering student(postgradute) of CUHK.

After my graduation, I became a system Engineer of Bigdata in Huawei for designing the solutions for Bigdata Products.


I am seeking for a job now.


At the daytime,  I write some codes for interest, learn

knowledges with hard work and satisfaction.


At night, I am shy.


Contact me: cheungZeeCn[ ~at ~]gmail.com

And You guys can find me in:


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